Power up your body with the industry-leading Perform X performance-enhancement products.

Are you experiencing loss of focus, low energy levels, fatigue, mental stress and reduced overall body strength and balance?

If so, Perform X performance-enhancing silicone wristbands and bracelets can help you rejuvenate your body and mind, with its unique proprietary patent-pending Perform X Technology revolutionizing the performance-enhancement industry.

  If you are weary of numerous fake bands claiming miracles, STOP! And look no further!

Perform X line of wristbands, bracelets and fashion jewelry are engineered to bring about a balance of processes in the human body, which may result in an increase in the overall wellbeing of the mind and body.

  Perform X wristbands are specially manufactured using soft silicone embedded with thousands of tiny negative-ion producing tourmaline and germanium crystals.  When these crystals and rare natural minerals are combined using our signature Perform X Technology, the negative ions produced is significantly increased and in turn - enhances the health benefits one can obtain from wearing a Perform X wristband or bracelets and necklaces.

Negative ions contain an abundant number of electrons which are needed to improve the body’s immunity and increase resistance to illness. This influx of negative ions also aids in conditioning the metabolism of the system, where the negative ions boost the cell’s metabolic process.

The pictures below illustrate the benefits of negative ions and how the tiny crystals are embedded in the soft silicon to produce a high stream of negative-ions, produced by Perform X bracelets and jewelry.

Perform X line of the ultra-fashionable silicone and leather performance wristbands, bracelets and necklaces are made of high quality silicone, stainless steel and leather and are equipped with holograms engineered with characteristic Perform X frequency, running off RFT (Resonant Frequency Technology).


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