I just wanted to thank you for making this wonderful band! I have been wearing it for about a month now, and ever since I put it on, I have been getting the best sleep of my life, haven’t needed coffee at all during the day, and can literally feel the difference! Amazing! Thanks again, this has changed my life!

Holly Gashi, Oswego, IL

I have been wearing my Perform X band continuously for 3 weeks now and my migraine attacks have trickled down to 1-2 a week. This is coming from a person that has resorted to prescription headache medicine for the last 4 years, with atleast 2-3 attacks each day. Thank you! Friends that know me are now asking for me to get them PerformX bands.

Matthew Stern - Engineer, St Joseph, MO

The Perform X Band is an instant boost for any athlete. I can practice longer, it has improved my concentration and has helped sustain the energy I burn when performing exhibition tournaments. It is definitely more effective than the generic copper and magnetic bracelets which lose their potency rather quickly. I highly recommend for everyone to try and see it how it works for them.

Mike Scholl - Banker/Golfer, Irvine, CA

I have been suffering from benign positional vertigo for a few years now and no drug has been really effective in combating the condition. My daughter purchased this bright pink Perform X silicone bracelet for me to try out, similar to many others in the past, but this one has stood out like no other! The frequency of the dizziness and nausea have reduced to 1-2 a day compared to the 5 or 6, I used to have. I am very thankful to her and to Perform X bands. You are my savior!

Malenie Baker - Housewife, Dallas, TX

When I saw this bracelet in the mall, I was skeptical at first. After engaging in the live demo and the balance tests, it was really hard to believe that it actually worked! I’ve been using my Perform X Band for 5 months now and I feel more energetic than before. I no longer experience any lower back pains when I am seated for long durations. This is just incredible! I even wear this to bed! This will be the perfect gift for loved ones for Christmas.

Emily Gamboa - Pharmacist, Kansas City, MO

"I have permanent nerve damage in my back. I started wearing the leather and steel power band over a year now. I noticed less pain and more energy than I had for years. I took off the band for two days and noticed how I felt bad again. Put the band back on and have not taken it off since. I am a true believer." - Mike Fox. Dallas, Texas

"I felt so much more solid at the line, my balance and timing were falling into place. I was able to repeat shots a lot easier." Chris, Santa Monica, CA

"The first morning I wore it - I had been suffering with a migraine... not more than fifteen minutes after wearing the pendant my migraine was gone! The pain left so quickly that I had forgotten I had a migraine until my friend stopped over with pain killers." Jim Hun, Shenzhen, China